Understanding and Developing Your Hospital’s IT Resources

A new EHR system can completely transform your hospital and help you deliver better care to your patients, but successfully implementing a new system requires careful planning and attention to detail.

In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at a few aspects of your hospital’s IT resources you should evaluate in order to prepare your hospital for a new EHR system. If you would like to try the top-rated national hospital management system, then get in touch with VersaSuite to schedule a free consultation with our team!

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Evaluating Your Hospital’s IT Resources

1. Overall Needs

You won’t find solutions if you don’t have a thorough understanding of your needs. You can’t be expected to find every problem or limitation of your current EHR system on your own, so meet with your staff members and stakeholders to learn more about what they want of a new system. At VersaSuite, we’re proud to say that no matter what’s on your list, we’ll be able to configure our software exactly to your needs.

2. Workflow

From checking patients in and out to facilitating internal communication, your EHR system has an enormous impact on your hospital’s workflow. Thoroughly analyze what’s working with your day-to-day operations and what could be improved. If you find that there are glaring inefficiencies, consider how a better EHR system could help.

3. Current Technology

Once you’ve evaluated your needs and your facility’s workflow, it’s time to turn your attention toward your technology. Cutting-edge software can have an enormously beneficial impact on your facility, but you won’t see any benefits if you have old and outdated technology that can’t support it. If it’s been years since you last replaced your technology, consider making the upgrade before you onboard your new EHR medical software.

4. Infrastructure

Just as new cars need roads to drive on, EHR software and technological upgrades require a supportive IT infrastructure. While we don’t have time to cover every single aspect of IT infrastructure in one post, the following few questions are highly important:

      • Is my internet fast enough to handle this upgrade?
      • Is there sufficient WiFi coverage throughout the building?
      • Where will patient data be stored, and is it scalable?
      • How will the patient data be secured?

5. People

When it comes to successfully implementing a new EHR system, your people are just as important as your technology. In fact, great technology isn’t worth anything if your people don’t know how to use it correctly. Be sure to provide your workforce with training opportunities before, during, and after you’ve implemented the new system. One of our favorite videos to share which was recently posted on HealthcareITNews, explains so thoroughly, by Neil Gomes, Chief Digital Officer and IT Leader of Jefferson Health, discussing how to pick the right people to help hospitals get setup for success. If you need advice as to how you can better train your employees to use VersaSuite, just get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.


Schedule a Free VersaSuite Demo Today!

These are just a few considerations you should make with regard to your hospital’s IT resources. As always, we invite you to contact the VersaSuite team if you have any questions about today’s entry, or if you would like to schedule a free demo of our EHR medical software. VersaSuite is proud to be the Top Rated National hospital management system, and we’ll take the time to develop an affordable, flexible package that works for you, your staff, and your patients.

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