The Inpatient Solution is the  EHR System you have always hoped for.  A wholly integrated series of Modules via the PO1 database.  Containing all the elements of Patient Flow from Appointment Setting, Scheduling, Examination, Diagnosis, Medications, Prescriptions, Labs, Prescribing, Image Storage, Billing and much more.  The design of this POD is to provide all of the tools required for patient care, diagnosis, and billing.  The Solution is also complete with a full function reporting tool that allows for a report and financial analysis of each function.

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Inpatient Hospital Information System Key Features

  • Provide a real-time connection to numerous facilities for a unified approach to patient results and clinical care.
  • Place the necessary control to securely access patient information across an entire care team without sacrificing the most important aspect of the workflow; patient care.
  • Simplify meeting often vague Meaningful Use requirements so that providers can stay focused on patient care.
  • Same user interface in the ambulatory, ED, and inpatient environments
  • Automatic and seamless passing of codes to patient billing
  • Exam summaries generated with a single click

As an EHR this Solution will be entirely MU Certified and HIPPA Compliant.  Secure access is provided by both job function and even line item approval.  All information is provided to users based upon a strict classification or employee code.  You can feel safe in knowing that the electronic data is protected and your access is limited to those who are authorized.  Through the proper integration visually every element of the EHR is available for use with-in any purchased Module.  Finally, each component of the EHR can be dropped into financials and operational analysis via the included reporting module.

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