Many of our clients also have an outpatient clinic(s) that they want an EHR System that offers much of the same completeness as their Inpatient Solution.  The Outpatient Solution contains all the necessary modules to deliver the same solutions as the Inpatient  Solution and if connected running on the same server will automatically integrate data into the same database as the hospital. This makes it easy to transfer and see records for patients no matter where they are treated in the hospital or clinic

Explore all of our Outpatient Modules

If your need is for Outpatient only, we have the same options available to you as in the Hospital.  All elements of Patient Flow from Appointment Setting, Scheduling, Examination, Diagnosis, Medications, Prescriptions, Labs, Prescribing, Image Storage, Billing and much more.  Make your Outpatient Clinic or Practice more efficient through the use of an affordable limited access Solution that meets your operational needs.

No matter what the size of the clinic or practice the EHR System will store, track, evaluate and report more functions than even our most significant competitors in the industry.

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