The Ideal Comprehensive Pediatrics EHR Solution



Pediatricians need an EHR that doesn’t treat children like “little adults,” and VersaSuite’s Pediatrics EHR is designed with that difference in mind. VersaSuite’s Pediatrics EHR includes multiple growth chart options, including Down’s Syndrome and growth curves specific to preemies.  Our solution includes features and functionality designed specifically for childhood medicine,  helping to improve patient care, adhere to regulatory requirements, and accommodate both General Practice and numerous pediatric subspecialties, such as ophthalmology and dentistry.

VersaSuite knows that no two practices are alike, so our templates are built with the ability to customize layout and details to suit your proven workflow for both symptom-based and condition-based treatment, easily recording complaints, illness history, and review of symptoms.  Busy physicians can save valuable time by recording notes with conveniently integrated voice transcription, and our robust library of ICD and CPT codes allows you to electronically capture, submit, and track charges efficiently.  Since our drawing components are capable of creating both procedure codes and ICD codes, you even have the ability to create codes while drawing out a finding.

Pediatrics EHR Key Features

  • Common data fields save patient information across multiple areas to follow the child as he grows into adulthood.
  • Customizable templates can be configured to fit your workflow.
  • One-click access to Order Entry, Billing, Patient Demographics, and more.
  • Exam summaries generated with a single click.
  • Configurable letters and reporting based upon patient and exam data.



Learn how switching to VersaSuite can increase your revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

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