The Adaptive OBGYN EHR Solution for Women’s Health Professionals

OBGYN EHR Solution | OBGYN EMR Solution


VersaSuite OBGYN EHR is specifically designed to address the complex needs of Obstetricians, Gynecologists, and their patients.  In addition to the many features of our core EHR functionality, VersaSuite’s OBGYN EHR templates provide detailed drawing components to capture important exam information, detail specific data, and mirror the charts you utilize most.

VersaSuite’s OBGYN EHR is a comprehensive exam information and image management solution that allows you to oversee your patients’ complete care, from initial visit through post-treatment followup. Integral features such as electronic prescriptions, lab results, and RIS/PACS  imaging are interwoven, and because every feature and module is part of a unified code-set with a single database, no integration is required to populate essential information throughout our EHR and EPM software, ensuring that crucial data is communicated among physicians, clinicians, billers, and administrators.  Expansive drug and procedure lists, automated check-off of key data, and on-click entry of common canned notes are all included.

OBGYN EHR Key Features

  • Easily access lab results, medication history, and electronic prescriptions and refills
  • One-click access to PACS Imaging, Order Entry, EMAR, ETAR, Billing, and Patient Demographics
  • Drug-allergy contradictions and drug-drug interactions checking and alerts
  • EDI for billing, eligibility, certification and authorization approvals
  • Integrated voice dictation with Dragon Medical™ and M*Modal™
  • Streamline patient exams, eliminate errors commonly seen with paper charts, and increase productivity and efficiency
  • Generate reports and other charting in just minutes
  • Seamlessly integrated practice management and a single database eliminate redundant data entry.


VersaSuite’s OB/GYN specialty template is an outstanding solution that addresses all of these requirements and more. Once a patient’s due date is established, all visits and all labs are “time stamped” by gestational age. If the EDD is revised, the relevant gestational ages change automatically. Risk assessment and lab milestones are readily addressed, insuring the practice of quality prenatal care consistent with the ACOG prenatal form content. And the GYN portion is a fully functional specialty EMR that integrates seamlessly with the prenatal module.


Learn how switching to VersaSuite can increase your revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

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