A Customizable, Flexible Neurology EHR Solution
Neurology EHR Solution | Neurology EMR Solution

VersaSuite’s Neurology EHR is ideally suited for today’s modern and efficient neurology practice and includes everything a neurologist needs to efficiently deliver optimal patient care.
From simple standardized tests, such as the Mayo-Portland Assessment Inventory, to the more complex Comprehensive Neurological Exam, VersaSuite provides the necessary means to evaluate the neurological health of a patient. Generous use of color coding elements, graphs of trends, quick links to scoring adjustment assistance, and automated testing scoring make the MPA14 Exam a better choice than the paper alternatives. And since all our features and modules are fully integrated on a unified code-set and single database, sharing crucial data among physicians, clinicians, billers, and administrators is easy.

VersaSuite knows that no two practices are alike, so our templates are built with the ability to customize layout and details to suit your proven workflow, easily recording complaints, illness history, and review of symptoms.  Busy physicians can save valuable time by recording notes with conveniently integrated voice transcription, and our robust library of ICD and CPT codes allows you to electronically capture, submit, and track charges efficiently.  Since our drawing components are capable of creating both procedure codes and ICD codes, you even have the ability to create codes while drawing out a finding.  Intuitive template features like pick-lists, check boxes, and buttons make documenting exam data more efficient, allowing for improved diagnosis and care of patients.

The Comprehensive Neurological Exam has a complete workup and survey of conditions as varied as sleep disturbances to impairment of motor function. It uses a “key” system to score the grades of patient tests and graph progress over time – allowing you instant reporting on patient data such as rates of recovery and effectiveness of treatment.




Learn how switching to VersaSuite can increase your revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.


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