The Adaptive Internal Medicine EHR Solution

Internal Medicine EHR Solution | Internal Medicine EMR Solution

VersaSuite’s Internal Medicine EHR helps meet the diverse and complex needs of today’s modern and efficient internal medicine practice, providing a large array of templates for easy entry of encounter data in focused areas of care, general medicine, and preventative and wellness care.  In addition to the many features of our core EHR functionality, VersaSuite’s Internal Medicine EHR templates provide detailed drawing components to capture important exam information and mirror the charts you utilize most.

VersaSuite knows that no two practices are alike, so our templates are built with the ability to customize layout and details to suit your proven workflow for both symptom-based and condition-based treatment, easily recording complaints, illness history, and review of symptoms.  Busy physicians can save valuable time by recording notes with conveniently integrated voice transcription, and our robust library of ICD and CPT codes allows you to electronically capture, submit, and track charges efficiently.  Since our drawing components are capable of creating both procedure codes and ICD codes, you even have the ability to create codes while drawing out a finding.

For consulting internists, VersaSuite Internal Medicine EHR provides a robust, efficient way of generating letters to referring providers.  With just one click, VersaSuite can create a consultation letter that contains all of the information from an encounter in a neat, organized, legible document.  Customization option allow for inclusion of logos, diganostic images, and textual data.

Key Internal Medicine EHR Features

  • Streamline patient exams, eliminate errors commonly seen with paper charts, and increase productivity and efficiency
  • Generate reports and other charting in just minutes
  • Seamlessly integrated practice management and a single database eliminate redundant data entry.
  • Easily access lab results, medication history, and electronic prescriptions and refills
  • One-click access to PACS Imaging, Order Entry, EMAR, ETAR, Billing, and Patient Demographics
  • Integrated voice dictation with Dragon Medical™ and M*Modal™


VersaSuite also provides internists with the latest in image storage and retrieval systems. VersaSuite is fully DICOM compliant and can retrieve and store images from traditional images formats such as jpeg, png, bmp, and gif. Because VersaSuite works with so many image formats, it’s almost assured that VersaSuite can easily interface with any diagnostic equipment in any clinic or hospital. DICOM will eventually be required in order to meet meaningful use criteria, and so VersaSuite provides an industry-first DICOM converter (AKA modality capture) that converts non-DICOM images to the DICOM image standard.

The latest buzz word in the EHR landscape is “interoperable.” VersaSuite is on the forefront of interoperability, complying with all of the latest standards, including IHE, HL7, and DICOM. As such, VersaSuite users will always be able to freely and effortlessly exchange information with other practices, clinics, and hospitals.


Learn how switching to VersaSuite can increase your revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.


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