The Ideal, Flexible Dermatology EHR Solution

Dermatology EHR Solution | Dermatology EMR Solution

VersaSuite’s flexible, scalable Dermatology EHR is designed to accommodate the specific needs of the modern and efficient dermatology clinic. VersaSuite’s dermatology templates feature the most advanced and robust electronic drawing system in the industry that makes recording findings and procedures incredibly fast, easy, and intuitive.  The drawing system allows dermatologists to add findings in two ways: drag-and-drop and free draw, which works extremely well on tablet computers. And because both input methods can be used on the same drawing, physicians can choose whichever input method they prefer per finding. VersaSuite is one of the very few EHR vendors that allow physicians to use different input methods interchangeably.


VersaSuite’s dermatology template comes with a huge library of findings, minimizing setup and installation time. However, recognizing doctors practice medicine uniquely, we made the entire dermatology template completely configurable, including findings and ICDs, procedures and CPTs, images, font, color, layout, content, and functionality. Physicians can configure every aspect of the exam template to their liking, or they can have VersaSuite edit their templates for them.

One of the greatest challenges in creating a dermatology EHR is that ICD codes vary depending on where the finding is located. Because of this, there are potentially thousands of ICD codes that dermatologists need to look up. VersaSuite can automate this entire process so that dermatologists never have to lookup an ICD code again. Because every finding in the electronic drawing can be associated with an ICD code per region, dermatologists don’t have to look ICD codes up. Not only does VersaSuite associate ICD codes with findings per region, but the ICD codes seamlessly carry over to other parts of the EHR and other modules such as the Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) module.

Of course, EHRs don’t just involve data entry. They must also excel at presenting previously entered data so that the physician can quickly review previous exams. The first page of the dermatology template includes a complete overview of the body and highlights every region in which a finding was recorded during the last encounter. This simple and beautiful feature allows dermatologists to instantly see every problem area the moment they begin an examination.


Learn how switching to VersaSuite can increase your revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

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