The Fully Integrated Audiology EHR Solution

Audiology EHR Solution | Audiology EMR Solution

VersaSuite offers some of the most advanced tools in the industry to help audiologists streamline workflows, offer improved patient care, and reduce administrative and overhead costs.  VersaSuite’s Audiology EHR provides powerful tools to help audiologists track changes over time and graph changes with a single click. Moreover, we can provide ‘normal’ values to graph patient data against, making comparisons as easy as possible.

Users of the VersaSuite EHR can automatically print, email, or fax referring provider letters (or any other kind of document) that contain all relevant clinical data from an encounter or group of encounters. We allow physicians to configure every aspect of these letters – text, layout, images, colors, and fonts.  VersaSuite also offers a completely integrated Inventory Management Module to help audiologists manage hearing aids and other inventory. We also offer an advanced suite of reports that track and manage virtually every aspect of your inventory.

VersaSuite has spent years developing extensive ENT templates that include some of the industry’s most cutting edge technologies such as electronic drawing, and to ease the transition from paper to electronic charting, VersaSuite will digitize your paper forms for use in exams, keeping the same look and feel as before, while adding enhancements such as dynamic effects, electronic drawings, colors, and more. And we can do this without sacrificing any of VersaSuite’s industry leading EHR technology.


Learn how switching to VersaSuite can increase your revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

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