The Administrative POD was built to meet the needs of the non-clinical staff to help in evaluating hospital, unit, and clinic operations.  The Administrative POD provides the end user the necessary tools to review Financial, Billing, Materials Management, Payroll, Document Management, Patient Relations, Time & Attendance, Patient and Provider access.  This Group of Modules has been developed to help Executives and Key Management Personal monitor and report on functions that are outside the clinical setting.

Imagine how effective your team could be if they could locate and report on items such as Attendance Issues, SBU or Unit Productivity, and Profitability, Patient Billings, Patient Profitability, Payroll Taxes and Filings, Human Resources, and much more.  The design of the POD will allow all these functions and much more.  This POD is most often combined with the Hospital POD to gather information from the PO1 Database and with the reporting module can quickly be created into a timely accurate report.

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