VersaSuite is a holistic electronic health records solution that provides multiple users within the hospital clinical and outpatient environments the ability to select and find all the information for a patient once the information has been entered by the practitioners, clinicians, and super users.

This cutting-edge electronic health records system comes with three different PODS containing 18 Unique Modules to track and evaluate clinical and financial data in one system.

The INPATIENT POD comes with twelve different Modules that cater to all the Hospital Activities. From CPOE (diagnosis notes and order entry) to the patient portal all clinical data and, patient information is available with the click of a single mouse, in a simple, easy visual design.

The ADMINISTRATIVE POD contains two different Modules catering to all the administrative processes of the Hospital. From Document Management to Human Resource information and even financial tracking for all departments, it can service all in one System. 

The CLINICAL POD also comes bundled with seven different Modules are specifically designed for the clinical or practice management needs of the hospital or clinic. Any of our Modules can be added to meet your needs.

The best part of VersaSuite is that the modules are flexible and can be exchanged with Modules from another POD to suit your Hospital or Clinic needs at no additional cost!

Bundled Pricing

Ok, we have to admit this is pretty complex with all the initials (anachronisms) floating through the industry.  We have over 18 modules included in our PO1 (Power of One) system.  That’s the good news! But the decision of how and what to implement first can be confusing.  So, we divided our offering into three Pods.

Each POD contains multiple Mods (Modules), and they are all available to exchange at no additional price.  Most Critical Access, LTACH and Specialty Hospitals require (Hospital and Administrative Pods) Clinics require just one POD (Clinical Practice Pod).  So, pick your POD, and we are ready to go!

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