Austin, TX April 15, 2019—This year VersaSuite will be attending the NRHA conference and Innovation in Atlanta Georgia May 7 thru May 8.  At the conference we will be unveiling our new Power of One (PO1) EHR System to Rural HealthCare providers across the U.S.  VersaSuite has redesigned our approach to the Critical Access Hospital Market to make our system available fit the needs of the rural market.

We will be presenting new pricing and customization strategy that will allow these essential Critical Access Hospitals the opportunity to acquire a sophisticated EHR/HIS system without the need for troublesome upfront fees and while providing optimum flexibility of design.

This amazing EHR/HIS System includes 13 critical modules that provide all the Clinical and Hospital support in one package of modules, designed to integrate clinical, administrative and billing infrastructure at an affordable price.  Stop by our table #607 at the Atlanta Marriot Marque to get details on how this incredible new tool could fit into your hospital or clinical setting.