A Flexible, Scalable LIMS for Single Site and Multi-Site Labs

VersaSuite LIMS is a fully integrated comprehensive laboratory information system that can be scaled to meet the needs of the modern hospital or laboratory.  Our LIMS Module is built on a unified code-set with information stored in a single database; data is shared in real-time, enhancing workflow and patient safety.

LIMS Key Features

  • Supports inpatient and outpatient lab orders in a single unified view
  • Lab queue – view, manage and complete all outstanding lab orders on a single screen
  • Print requisition slips, including auto-generated barcodes
  • Specialty-specific templates
  • Specimen tracking
  • Supports LOINC codes
  • Supports lab panels

Seamlessly Integrated with the Rest of VersaSuite

  • Automatic code capture that feeds billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) orders feed into the LIS instantly
  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS), including lab-allergy checks

Supports All Lab-Related HL7 Messages

  • Send lab order
  • Receive lab order
  • Send lab results
  • Receive lab results

Define Abnormal Ranges and Associated HL7 Abnormal Flags for Every Lab Finding

  • Define unique ranges for specific patients (i.e. diabetes)

Integrated Quality Control (QC) Mechanisms

  • Levey-Jenkins graphs
  • Westgard rules
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Run reports to track maintenance adherence
  • Warnings if instruments fail one or more quality control checks

Automatically Notify Physicians of Lab Results and Abnormal Ranges Separately

  • Customize rules to alert nurses when physicians are absent
  • Perform math operations based on specific instruments and values
  • Replace default CPT code

Same User Interface in the Ambulatory, ED, and Inpatient Environments

  • See where all outstanding specimens are
  • Run reports to see workflow analysis and identify bottlenecks
  • Follow a detailed history of each specimen
  • Define, track, and manage storage temperatures for specimens

VersaSuite Supports All HL7 Abnormal Flags:

  • < below absolute low-off instrument scale
  • > above absolute high-off instrument scale
  • A abnormal (applies to non-numeric results)
  • AA very abnormal (non-numeric, analogous to panic limits for numeric units)
  • B better — use when direction not relevant
  • D significant change down
  • H above high normal
  • [HH above upper panic limits
  • I intermediate. Indicates microbiology susceptibilities only
  • L below low normal
  • LL below lower panic limits
  • MS moderately susceptible. Indicates for microbiology susceptibilities only
  • N normal (applies to non-numeric results)
  • Null no range defined, or normal ranges don’t apply
  • R resistant. Indicates for microbiology susceptibilities only
  • S susceptible. Indicates for microbiology susceptibilities only
  • U significant change up
  • VS very susceptible. Indicates for microbiology susceptibilities only
  • W worse – use when direction not relevant

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