Imagine an interactive perpetual inventory and supplies management system that tracks, expenses, and orders all materials utilized in the hospital or clinic.  Users set the base totals for each item in your inventory, pharmacy, supplies, etc. and each time an inventory item is used or dispensed, the on-hand inventory will be automatically recalculated by VersaSuite.

Once you reach your pre-set order level, a purchase order will be generated and sent directly to each vendor.  Items once received are digitally scanned into your inventory, and the replenishment is now complete.

It’s not just about inventory management and billing; you will be able to increase your financial accountability and charges and expenses will fall directly to your billing statements, income statements, and balance sheet by SBU, or department.  Once your  VersaSuite EHR is fully deployed, you will have a front to back end solution to support inventory, supplies, medications, and more.

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