VersaSuite fully integrated ICU module provides access to key information across departments as a glance, with unparalleled power, flexibility, and ease of use that exceed HIPAA requirements.  See real-time vitals. Medication and allergy lists, orders, results, fluid balances, and event log in one comprehensive view.


  • One click access to vital graphing
  • Data entered in CU is immediately available to all medical disciplines
  • Information already on file pull’s automatically into ICU
  • Launch CPOE with one clink
  • Drug and allergy formulary checking
  • Graph historical APACHE II scores over time
  • Automatically feed information from lab devices to patients record
  • Produce structured and formatted summaries of the entire ICU stay
  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) engine if configurable and programmable

Our specially designed templates make monitoring and supporting critical patients easier providing a higher level of patient care,

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