The ERP Module combines all the functions of Human Resources and Payroll.  We utilize all HR data to build your system of providers and security authorizations.  We have expanded the program to also provide payroll processing including all necessary quarterly tax reports, 1099, and W2.  You can lose your existing Payroll Processing Vendor and use your EHR System instead.

All payroll data is maintained in an easy to use module and builds off the HR system entries for wages, shifts, benefits, accreditations, review dates, and more.  The ERP Module is linked to Time and Attendance for Payroll, and you can produce reports that will accurately track payroll expenses across the entire Hospital or Clinic.  These expenses also drop directly to your general ledger and help to build detailed financial documents at the SBU, Clinic, or Station level.  ERP is is a new module that is often the first to be installed since so many other functions are built off the employee information such as scheduling, security, and more.

Often a Hospital can have hundreds of full and part-time professionals.  Each with specific training and administrative needs.   The tracking of import certifications such as licensing CE Training along with other significant payroll and functions such as vacation and PTO tracking.  With our VersaSuite PO1, you can automate notices of license expirations, CE Training requirements, as well as all payroll, review dates, and census information.  All data is available on a secure network with clearances for those individuals you allow to view.  

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