Imagine creating your reports from your EHR System.  Since our PO1 Database has a single source code set, any discrete set of data can be added to any report.  Any combination or variable contained in the database can be incorporated into a report design with just the click of a mouse.

The basis for our database is your chart of accounts.  All incomes, expenses, assets, and liability are added to your chart of accounts.  With the click of our management report modules (Income statements, Balance Sheets, Payroll, Expense, by Department, Unit or SBU) can create a report that meets the specific needs of the author.  The design of our SQL database creates the most robust reporting system of any EHR.  These reports go beyond just financial and can include medical diagnosis, incidence, and encounter information from any data contained in the Power of One database that has been collected.

Never again will you need to struggle to collect data from disparaged systems to create a report.  You will mealy need to enter our report module and select the items you wish to include. You may choose from one of our hundreds of pre-designed templates and then add or delete categories, classes or data points to meet your specific need. Reports can be ordered to print on a predetermined schedule and deliver by email to any member of the care or administrative teams.

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