VersaSuite Offers a Comprehensive EDIS Solution that is Integrated with our Ambulatory and Inpatient Solutions

With VersaSuite’s Emergency Department Information System, a patient’s complete information is accessible in the Emergency Department, even if it was entered in an ambulatory or inpatient setting. This data accessibility can be lifesaving, as it includes but is not limited to critical information, such as allergies, medications, and medical history.

Key Features of the VersaSuite Emergency Department Information System Include:

  • Quick-click triage
  • 30-second emergency patient registration
  • Seamless cross-referencing with the master patient index to check for patient records
  • Tracking of your beds in a blueprint view of your actual facility
  • Reduction of patient waiting times by increasing documentation speed
  • More accurate charge capture with barcode scanning of medications and automatic coding of procedures
  • Diagnosis-specific documentation tools to support your workflow
  • Flexible order entry that allows you to choose order sets or ad hoc orders from any category on the same screen
  • Color-coded EMAR
  • Optimized workflow with a care grid that shows the patients under your care, any outstanding orders for those patients, and the time those orders are due
  • Interaction checking for orders against allergies and medications
  • Easy patient assessments with a click-driven interface. Minimize typing!

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