You wouldn’t pay a contractor to paint just half your house, would you?  How about landscaper to cut half your grass?  Well, then why would you purchase an EHR System that requires you to add additional disparaged systems to complete your System?

VersaSuite features a single code set (database) that eliminates the worry about interoperability since all modules are included in our PO1 solution.  Each of the Modules automatically works with all other modules in the POD you select.  No additional software or set up is required to run your EHR.

The reason our competitor’s talk about interoperability is because their systems are not complete. VersaSuite’s Power of 1 (PO1) database contains all the medical data points you will need. Frankly,  VersaSuite PO1 database contains so much information you will find it hard to prioritize which POD to install first, but don’t worry we will help you get your new EHR System operational in record time,

Often our competitor’s interoperability requirements necessitate expensive, cumbersome disparaged add-ons to complete the EHR System you will want.  With VersaSuite nothing more is necessary to achieve your EHR framework only our powerful PO1 database linked to your POD of choice.

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