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An Electronic Health Record is more than just a digital version of a paper chart, and choosing the right EHR Software is key moving forward to successful implementation. Choose a system designed to work for you and your users. VersaSuite’s EHR System responds to the unique needs of both the organization and each user. With our enterprise-level suite of modules, VersaSuite offers a truly integrated application for all aspects of your hospital while still managing your unique personalized workflow dedicated to quality patient care and safety.

From the first encounter with the patient to financial billing to accounting and payroll to materials management to quality reporting, VersaSuite outperforms all others without the need for costly re-entry of data into multiple systems. If you are serious about reducing overhead while improving patient care and providing a better quality of life to your care providers, then VersaSuite, with more than twenty years of experience supporting outpatient and inpatient facilities, is the right answer.

Welcome to tomorrow’s Electronic Healthcare Solution, the EHR System from VersaSuite.


VersaSuite provides a suite of modules that automate every hospital function from admission to discharge, with complete solutions for Acute Care, Critical Access, Behavioral Health, LTAC, Specialty Surgical, Rehabilitation, Hospice, and more. These modules can be purchased separately or all at once and can be rolled out in a phased implementation.


VersaSuite’s comprehensive outpatient solution supports all medical disciplines and dentistry, along with FQHC & RHC, as well as Home Health. VersaSuite provides a luxurious and versatile suite of solutions that collectively automate every aspect of any ambulatory clinic from scheduling and check-in through accounts receivable and collections.

VersaSuite’s Electronic Health Records Software is perhaps the only fully configurable EHR Solution that uses ONE database and ONE framework to house all modules. The system in its entirety is designed and built-in Austin, Texas in the course of the last 20 years by ONE core development team. Our system is created by input from various Healthcare Providers to ensure optimal workflows and efficient patient journey. VersaSuite is offered in TWO platforms: Windows and Web. Users can use either platform interchangeably. VersaSuite supports all inpatient and outpatient facilities and all medical specialties including dentistry all within the same framework.

VersaSuite’s Platform exhibits the ability to consume data from multiple sources, send feedback and fill orders in real-time, and facilitate the network information exchange between hospitals and clinics. With ONE code-set, our integrated suite’s analytics offer real value care management, as opposed to bringing in multiple ad-hoc pieces and gluing them together. With other piecemealed EHR systems, you have disjointed patient data records and archives. Along with this, patient privacy concerns and consent are other risk factors that VersaSuite handles through our Administration and Security Module and Patient and Provider Portal Access. Through the navigation of protected patient health information data, VersaSuite’s single database solution promotes a common standard that surpasses all

Key features of the VersaSuite EHR include:

Specialty-specific templates
Same user interface in the ambulatory, ED, and inpatient environments
Automatic and seamless passing of codes to patient billing
Ability to keep as many patient records open as you need
Task creation without leaving your exam
One-click access to:
• PACS Imaging
• Order Entry
• Billing
• Patient Demographics
Tablet support
Keyboard-free data entry
Ability to work with any voice dictation software, including Dragon and M Modal
Advanced drawing component
Ability to create your own templates
Graphs wherever tables of numerical data are shown
Exam summaries generated with a single click
Customizable exam summaries

VersaSuite EHR is a feature rich and customizable Electronic Health Record solution designed to meet the specific needs of any organization. Instead of asking you to conform your workflow to our software, we conform our software to your workflow!


Discover Our Electronic Health Record and interoperability solutions.

VersaSuite’s Electronic Health Records and interoperability solution bridges the divide between patient care and quality control, enabling ease of data exchange between patients, providers, payers, health registries, and other organizations. As society is increasingly engaging in their own healthcare decisions, we can be confident that this trend will sustain itself in the future. Our EHR solution ensures that the right care is provided, at the right time, to the right person and at the right cost. VersaSuite believes that all of us should be able to safely and securely send, receive, find and use clinical and billing information through our electronic systems. The interoperable, secure exchange, from the patient’s device to her caregiver and back, has shown the true capabilities of health information technology. VersaSuite can be your partner in achieving optimal workflows throughout your organization and communication with your patients.

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