An EHR Solution For LTAC/LTPAC Hospitals

Use An EHR System That Meets The Needs Of Your LTAC/LTPAC

If you manage a long-term acute care hospital (LTAC) or long-term post acute care hospital (LTPAC), you understand the importance of having a strong EHR system. In addition to having a strong EHR system, LTAC and LTPAC environments also require flexible, customizable EHR solutions. That’s where VersaSuite PO1 (Power of 1) technology comes into play. Our system isn’t just effective, but it’s also consolidated, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Learn more and try a free demonstration today!




Our team of IT, Deployment and Programmers will conduct an assessment of your existing EHR, and IT Systems and make an affordable, modern recommendation on how to prepare for the Net Phase in Healthcare Software Systems



A targeted account-specific teleconference demonstration will be prepared and made to your key stakeholders for review and input for the design of your customized solution



Customized proposal for each of our prospect hospitals. We do all the work with the completion of a single questionnaire regarding your specific requirements, budgets, databases etc.

“VersaSuite has a team of highly professional, experienced and educated professionals. It has been amazing to work with this team. I have worked with many different vendors in my career and have never had the level of service that VersaSuite provides.”
Jennifer A.
Director of Informatics, Critical Access Hospital


Work With An EHR System That Works For Your LTAC/LTPAC Hospital 

A Specialty of VersaSuite is our ability to meet the needs of our countries important LTAC/LTPAC Hospitals.  Many of these Hospitals have limited resources, IT Support, and Internet Band Width challenges that we help them overcome.  Our staff works tirelessly to assist our clients with a large variety of specialty needs from IT to EHR customization.  We have developed special subscription based EHR plans that allow our partner to convert from less effective EHR platforms without the expense of heavy up from Fees required by many of our competitors. 


EHR Solution For Your LTAC/LTPAC Hospital

VersaSuite is a consolidated, customizable EHR system that can improve the operations of your LTAC/LTPAC hospital. Instead of needing to rely on fragmented, non-intuitive EHR systems, you can use VersaSuite PO1 (Power of 1) as an all-in-one platform.

        1. Fully comprehensive software EHR, HIS, CPOE, EMAR, Revenue Cycle Management, Inventory, LIM, RIS/PACS, Pharmacy, Patient Portal, Accounting, Payroll, HR, Reporting, and more
        2. A seamless user experience One database eliminates the need for double entry and disparate systems
        3. Custom templates and workflow design The ability to configure our EHR system to fit your critical access hospital’s needs
        4. Affordability
            • Subscription pricing
            • No upfront fees


At VersaSuite, we’ve designed a complete EHR solution made for your LTAC/LTPAC facility. When you operate an LTAC or LTPAC, you’re faced with different patient needs, different reporting demands, and different day-to-day operations than large hospitals have — so why should you rely on a health care system built for them? VersaSuite is an EHR solution that provides a consolidated and customizable EHR system for your LTAC/LTPAC facility. With our all-in-one set-up, you can get all the modules you need and leave out the irrelevant ones. Improve the operations of your LTAC/LTPAC, so that you can focus on what matters more: supporting your patients and staff members.

Choosing VersaSuite for your LTAC/LTPAC means you’ll benefit from:


Too often, EHR systems cause more headaches than they help to solve. Especially when an EHR system requires add-ons and charges disparaging fees for them, you’re left as a healthcare provider with a hard decision: pay more for the functionality you need, or make do with the system you have. VersaSuite knows how costly these situations are to your LTAC/LTPAC. That’s why our EHR solution includes every module you need in one interface — we call it the Power of 1, and we know first-hand the difference it makes in daily operations.


Whether you need a line-item financial report for your annual budget or a macro-level look at employee hours, the VersaSuite EHR system makes creating reports intuitive. Our database allows you to choose any discrete variable for reporting, so you can create useful reports for your LTAC/LTPAC. Additionally, you can create macro- and micro-level ones just by changing around filters. Sort data by location, provider, and business unit for detailed reporting with our healthcare software.

Customization and Flexibility

Unlike other healthcare software programs, VersaSuite features a customizable, flexible EHR system for its clients. This means you can include the modules you want for your LTAC/LTPAC and none that you don’t. Choose between hospital, administration, and clinic modules to get EHR features that make sense for your LTAC/LTPAC. We also provide an extensive library of templates, so you don’t need to waste time reinventing the wheel.


With the VersaSuite EHR solution, all startup costs, upfront fees, and implementation costs are embedded in our five-year subscription model. As a result, you pay fees over a five-year period rather than having to pay all at once. This makes transitioning to our EHR system more reasonable for your LTAC/LTPAC and more financially viable in the short- and long-term.

Transitioning to Our EHR Solution

If you want to make daily operations at your LTAC/LTPAC more efficient and effective, it’s time to switch to VersaSuite. In addition to our competitive pricing and five-year subscription model, we also have an available and helpful team at your disposal. Instead of seeing the obstacles of switching to a new hospital software program, see the possibilities with VersaSuite. Take a moment to watch these helpful videos we’ve created giving you tips for a successful implementation and transitioning into adopting a new EHR.

          1. 6 Ways to Help Your Staff Adjust to a New EHR System
          2. The Importance of Training When Onboarding an EHR System
          3. Understanding and Developing Your Hospital’s IT Resources

Schedule A Hospital Software Demo

If you’re in the market for a comprehensive, user-friendly EHR solution, look no further than VersaSuite. Our healthcare software takes the hassle out of LTAC/LTPAC management, so you can spend more time caring for patients and supporting staff members. We offer hospital software demos, so you can get a real sense of our program and whether it will work for your LTAC/LTPAC needs.

Request a hospital software demo today with our team. The demo takes 45 minutes, and it’ll give you a first-hand sense of how VersaSuite works. We’re excited for you to start working with our Top Rated National® hospital management team.

Try a free demonstration today to experience the VersaSuite PO1 EHR system for yourself.
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