An EHR Solution For Hospice Centers

Benefit From An Intuitive, Consolidated EHR System

Improve Experience For Staff, Patients, and Families

Having the right EHR system for your hospice center can help to improve patient care, staff effectiveness, and overall efficiency. VersaSuite PO1 (Power of 1) is the EHR solution that allows you to customize and consolidate all aspects of your EHR and HIS systems. Instead of relying on disparate programs, VersaSuite relies on the Power of 1 — a database where every module you need is included in the platform. Experience the difference that intuitive EHR solutions can make. Schedule a demo today.




Our team of IT, Deployment and Programmers will conduct an assessment of your existing EHR, and IT Systems and make an affordable, modern recommendation on how to prepare for the Net Phase in Healthcare Software Systems



A targeted account-specific teleconference demonstration will be prepared and made to your key stakeholders for review and input for the design of your customized solution



Customized proposal for each of our prospect hospitals. We do all the work with the completion of a single questionnaire regarding your specific requirements, budgets, databases etc.

“VersaSuite has a team of highly professional, experienced and educated professionals. It has been amazing to work with this team. I have worked with many different vendors in my career and have never had the level of service that VersaSuite provides.”
Jennifer A.
Director of Informatics, Critical Access Hospital


Work With An EHR System That Works For Your Hospice Center 

A Specialty of VersaSuite is our ability to meet the needs of our countries important Hospice Centers.  Many of these practices have limited resources, IT Support, and Internet Band Width challenges that we help them overcome.  Our staff works tirelessly to assist hour CA Clients with a large variety of specialty needs from IT to EHR customization.  We have developed special subscription based EHR plans that allow our partner to convert from less effective EHR platforms without the expense of heavy up from Fees required by many of our competitors. 

EHR Solution For Your Hospice Center

VersaSuite is changing the way EHR systems work for hospice centers. We were just as frustrated by disparaging add-ons, the need for double data entry, and exorbitant EHR prices as you were. That’s why our team developed a comprehensive, user-friendly EHR solution for hospice centers: VersaSuite PO1 (Power of 1).

Our EHR solution stands out for many reasons, including:

  • Customization
  • Affordability
  • Comprehensive software
  • A seamless user experience

Benefits of VersaSuite For Your Hospice Center

When it comes to making sure your hospice center is performing at its best, there’s perhaps nothing more important than having the right EHR system. With a seamless EHR system, you’re much more likely to get seamless everyday operations. VersaSuite, the Top Rated National® hospital management system, is the consolidated, smart EHR system for the job. As an all-inclusive EHR system, VersaSuite makes it easy for you to run your hospice center.

Choosing VersaSuite for your hospice facility means you benefit from:


It’s an unfortunate reality that most EHR systems aren’t set up for your hospice center — at least not without disparaging add-on fees. At VersaSuite, we find this model to be as faulty as the idea of buying a car — and then having to pay add-on fees for seat belts, air bags, and brake pads. We firmly believe that EHR systems should be comprehensive and interoperable. That’s why we’ve developed the Power of 1 (PO1) system for VersaSuite: it’s an all-inclusive EHR solution that comes complete with everything your hospice center needs.


There’s no point in having access to reporting if the reports don’t provide the information your hospice center needs. With VersaSuite, we make creating relevant reports into a streamlined, efficient process. Our database lets you choose any discrete variable for reporting, so you can develop customized reports with the variables you need. With VersaSuite reporting, you can also create both macro-level and granular reports. Filter data based on location, provider, and business unit for even more personalization.


Your hospice center doesn’t need an EHR system that was developed for nation-wide hospital systems. You need an EHR solution that provides the resources, systems, and reporting that will actually help your hospice center. We also feature an extensive library of templates, so you don’t need to spend time reinventing the wheel.


At VersaSuite, all startup costs, upfront fees, and implementation costs are included in our five-year subscription model. Instead of needing to pay everything up front, you have more time to adjust financially to the EHR change. Additionally, our fees are reasonable from the onset, so switching to VersaSuite is an affordable option for your hospice center.

Transitioning to Our EHR Solution

We know that deciding to switch to an EHR system can seem daunting — but we also know just how much the right EHR solution can benefit your hospice center. Thanks to our to our five-year subscription model, customizable features, and available support team, we make transitioning to VersaSuite manageable.

Schedule A Hospital Software Demo

VersaSuite is the Top Rated National® hospital management system. Using our EHR solution allows you to spend less time on hospice center management and focus more on what really matters: providing quality care to your patients.

Request a hospital software demo today with VersaSuite. The demo takes 45 minutes, and we’ll be sure to fit the time into your schedule. Reach out today to get started and to set up your hospital software demo.

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your hospice center. Schedule a free demonstration of VersaSuite today.


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