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At your acute care center, you can’t afford for your EHR system to be inoperable or cost-prohibitive. Our EHR solutions for Acute Care Centers, incorporates all modules in our Power of One database. Comprehensive and unified. With interoperability, the ability to pull any discrete data into a report, flexibility, customization, and affordability, VersaSuite PO1 is the EHR solution your acute care center needs. Learn more today!

VersaSuite is an adaptive EHR and HIS system that was designed to meet the needs of your acute care center.

Because our EHR system operates using a single code set (database), VersaSuite provides medical providers a complete EHR system rather than a fragmented one that requires interoperability. Forget about those time-consuming, expensive add-ons; forget about impersonal, non-intuitive EHR platforms. With the VersaSuite PO1 (Power of 1) Database, you get a complete, customizable EHR solution.

Our EHR solution is organized by SOLUTIONS and modules, so you can customize your EHR and HIS system to fit your explicit acute care center needs. Solutions include:

Benefits of VersaSuite For Your Acute Care Center

There are a lot of healthcare software systems out there, and we know you have a number of options to choose between. However, VersaSuite is a cut above the rest — and it was designed to be that way. We took the common pain points that acute care centers face when it comes to EHR, and we developed a comprehensive EHR solution: VersaSuite.

When you choose our EHR solution for your acute care center, you’ll benefit from:


You’ve probably experienced the hassle of finally having your EHR system set up, only to realize that you need to install costly add-ons to make it operable for your acute care center. With the VersaSuite EHR solution, you get one comprehensive system. Choose the modules you need and leave out the ones you don’t. If there’s an additional module you’d find helpful, you can add it without any cost. As such, you have a complete and flexible system that allows you to integrate all the functions of your acute care center.


In need of a specific quarterly accounting report? Looking to access income statements and balance sheets? With VersaSuite, we make creating the reports you need into an easy process. Our database enables you to choose any discrete variable for reporting, so you can create relevant reports with the data you need. Additionally, you can transform macro-level reports into granular ones just by manipulating filters. Sort data by location, provider, and business unit for detailed reporting.


Your acute care center doesn’t need the same EHR system as the biggest private hospital in the state might. That’s why VersaSuite is committed to providing a customizable, flexible EHR system for its users. We also provide an extensive library of templates, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can take advantage of the systems that we’ve optimized for acute care centers.


Our pricing strategy uses a five-year subscription model that includes all startup costs, upfront fees, and implementation costs. As a result, you can spread out fees over a five-year period rather than having to pay all at once.

Transitioning to Our EHR Solution

We know the thought of changing to a new EHR system can be daunting for your acute care center — but we also know the world of a difference VersaSuite can make to your daily operations. Thanks to our five-year subscription model, we make transitioning to VersaSuite manageable. We’ve created tips for succesful implementation and transitioning. Watch our videos on how to get set up for success here.

        1. 6 Ways to Help Your Staff Adjust to a New EHR System
        2. The Importance of Training When Onboarding an EHR System
        3. Understanding and Developing Your Hospital’s IT Resources

Schedule A Hospital Software Demo

Whether you’re looking for an EHR system that works better for your acute care center, or you want a more affordable option for your facility, look no further than VersaSuite. Our comprehensive, flexible EHR solution takes the headache out of acute care center management, so you can spend more time caring for patients and staff members.

Request a hospital software demo today with our team. The demo takes 45 minutes, but our team plans it around your schedule. Reach out today to get started with the Top Rated National® hospital management system.


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