VersaSuite’s Hospital Enterprise Management solution seamlessly combines patient care, financial performance, and operations management to easily navigate the challenges modern hospitals of all sizes face in a complex and constantly changing healthcare landscape.

Our full-featured and scalable suite of modules is designed to meet both clinical and business needs in a single, intuitive software environment with support for all departments in hospitals of any size.

With a unified code-set and all information stored in a single database, information is easily shared between departments, from inventory management to coordination of patient care.   VersaSuite Hospital Enterprise Management includes advanced security to exceed HIPAA and CCHIT requirements, fully customizable reporting, and a robust collection of powerful financial tools to manage every aspect of business operations.  With VersaSuite, hospitals of any size can more easily preserve and expand your organization’s financial health while advancing the health of the patients you serve.

Enterprise Management Key features

Advanced Security

    • Exceeds HIPAA and CCHIT security requirements
    • Grant and deny access to each and every screen per employee
    • Audit log to track every clicks that’s been made
    • Audit trail to track every edit that’s been made
    • Checksum to validate the integrity of the database
    • VIP patient support
    • No patient information is ever downloaded to mobile devices, preventing PHI leaks



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