EHR Medical Software: Electronic Health Records and Meaningful Use

As EHR medical software experts, we know that electronic health records can be difficult to manage and even harder to understand. While we can’t cover everything you need to know about electronic health records in one blog post, we’re going to focus on the phrase “meaningful use” and its place in electronic health record management in today’s blog post. If your institution is in need of an intuitive and easy-to-use EHR system, then get in touch with us to learn more about VersaSuite. Our fully comprehensive EHR solution makes it easy and affordable to manage patient records, payroll, inventory, and so much more. Get started with a free…


Revenue Cycle Management and Electronics Health Records Newest Partnership

    A FORMIDABLE PARTNERSHIP “THE NEWEST AND MOST EXCITING RCM & EHR TEAM ANYWHERE” Austin, TX – We are excited to announce this dynamic partnership of companies providing the perfect combination of medical records and billing applications. Your hospital will no longer face the problems caused by using disparate systems.  Our collaboration is guaranteed to produce a single, fully integrated medical records (EHR) and billing (RCM) services and systems that are certain to provide a seamless answer for hospital operations and strong financial accountability. Rural Health Financial Services, LLC (Rural Health) and Versasuite (EHR) Electronic Health Records and (HIS) Hospital Information Systems have entered into a strategic…


NRHA Annual Rural Health Conference and Rural Hospitals Innovation Summit

Austin, TX April 15, 2019—this year VersaSuite will be attending the NRHA conference and Innovation in Atlanta Georgia May 7 thru May 8.  At the conference we will be unveiling our new Power of One (PO1) EHR System to Rural HealthCare providers across the U.S.  VersaSuite has redesigned our approach to the Critical Access Hospital Market to make our system available fit the needs of the rural market. We will be presenting new pricing and customization strategy that will allow these essential Critical Access Hospitals the opportunity to acquire a sophisticated EHR/HIS system without the need for troublesome upfront fees and while providing optimum flexibility of design. This…

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