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VersaSuite is a Holistic Hospital Information System, Enterprise Practice Management Solution & Enterprise Resource Planning

تصميم منصة versasuite يوفر العديد من المستخدمين داخل بيئات المرضي الداخليين والعيادات الخارجية القدرة علي الوصول إلى جميع المعلومات لأي مريض علي الفور. يمكن للمستخدمين الانتماء إلى اي مجموعه وظيفية ، ولكل منها ملف تعريف أمان محدد يحمي معلومات المريض الحساسة.

Why we are different!

التشغيل المتداخل

Get an EHR System that it is complete! Do away with external ancillary support services for good!


لدينا قاعده بيانات رمز واحد يسمح لعملاءنا لسحب اي متغير منفصلة للإبلاغ.

Configurable - Flexible

We’re an EHR Solution that does not believe in disrupting your existing clinic’s patient flow. We deliver your unique easy-to-use experience!

التسعير المجمعة

VersaSuite is the most comprehensive EHR Software in the Industry with 36 modules to complete your system. Bundling our modules into three Environment Solutions to make your selection fit your hospital or practice a snap!


We know that taking on a new EHR Software can be expensive for even the largest hospital. We are determined to change that! Our pricing structure is designed to make switching easy on your pocketbook.

Time for A Change?

If you're unhappy with your current EHR vendor, there is an affordable way out. We know that switching can be expensive and we have a solution that will make the bad relationship a distant memory.

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