The Comprehensive Anesthesiology EHR Solution

Anesthesiology EHR Solution | Anesthesiology EMR Solution

VersaSuite’s Anesthesiology EHR is specifically designed to help anesthesiologists overcome a number of challenges while working in fast-paced ORs, monitoring patients’ vital signs, and tracking and monitoring drug administration.  With our custom anesthesiology templates, usability and simplicity are at the forefront, allowing for single-screen vital information entry, custom field editing, and automatic time-stamping of data.  Clinicians can add, edit, and remove fields to fit their workflow, and all all data can be entered using either the mouse or keyboard exclusively, or any combination of the two.

VersaSuite’s streamlined interface allows anesthesiologists to easily select a drug and the amount administered, and with our centralized database, data can be pushed to any user, ensuring real-time information sharing through neat and organized tables of data.  Intuitive template features like pick-lists, check boxes, and buttons make documenting drugs more efficient, allowing for improved care of patients, and busy physicians can save valuable time by recording notes with conveniently integrated voice transcription. Our robust library of ICD and CPT codes allows you to electronically capture, submit, and track charges efficiently, and since VersaSuite allows you to record thrown out and wasted drugs, monitoring use and inventory is built right in.  

Key Anesthesiology EHR Features


  • Automatic and seamless passing of codes to patient billing
  • Task creation without leaving your exam
  • Ability to work with any voice dictation software, including Dragon and M Modal
  • Graphs wherever tables of numerical data are shown
  • Exam summaries generated with a single click
  • Customizable exam summaries


Learn how switching to VersaSuite can increase your revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

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